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Paige Doherty was a 15-year-old student from Clydebank, Scotland who went missing on 19 March 2016. She had stayed at one of her friends house the night before and the next day she went to the deli before she would have gone to her hairdressing job.The search for her began after she failed to arrive at her weekend hairdressing job in Kirkintilloch, 12 miles away. Her body was found on the roadside near Glasgow's Great Western Road two days after she disappeared. Doherty had been stabbed 43 times in the head and neck and suffered more than 150 wounds. The last sighting of her was on CCTV at a deli shop in Clydebank, owned by John Leathem, who later admitted to murdering Paige Doherty. Doherty's mother, Pamela Munro, set up a charity in her daughter's name to teach children self defence, to prevent murder. John Leathem claimed that Paige threatened to tell people that he had "touched her" inappropriately, if he refused to give her a job.On 12 October 2016, 7 months after Doherty's murder, Leathem was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow, where judge Lady Rae set a minimum time of 27 years in jail before becoming eligible to apply for parole.

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