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Sieges Even was a German progressive metal band from Munich, Germany. The band was originally formed under the name 'Sodom' (not to be confused with fellow German band Sodom) in the early 1980s, released their first demo in 1983, and adopted the name Sieges Even in 1985. They recorded a series of demos, before securing a recording contract with Steamhammer Records in 1988. Their debut album, Life Cycle (1988), employed rapid time changes, which fragmented the songs, and although the album was well received in Germany, it had few buyers elsewhere. Sieges Even played mostly in the progressive metal genre, but experimented with different musical styles over the years. In mid 2008, the band split up due to internal differences. Markus Steffen and Arno Menses formed the band Subsignal, while the Holzwarth brothers have been participating in various projects.

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